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Families Ministry

We believe that with God as the foundation, every family can write a story of hope and success.
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What to expect

Our families ministry is a welcoming and diverse group of parents with children of all ages. We are committed to helping each other fulfill God’s destiny for our families so that our homes become “…healthy and growing and full of love” (Ephesians 4:16 NLT). The families ministry is comprised of small neighborhood groups, children’s ministry classes, special needs support and a dynamic middle school and teen ministry.

Small groups

Our small groups meet in neighborhoods throughout the Bay Area.  They provide opportunities for family support, neighborhood activities, serving the community and small Bible discussion groups to help anyone at any level of faith grow spiritually.

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Children’s Ministry

We understand that every parent wants their children to have a great experience when they come to church. After all, coming to church is a whole lot easier when our kids look forward to it.  Our goal is to provide engaging, fun and educational classes for all age groups in a safe and structured environment.

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Special needs support

We believe in creating an inclusive and supportive environment for families with special needs. Additionally, we believe in developing compassion and empathy in typical children. Every Sunday during our worship services, our Spiritual Resource Ministry (SRM) provides an inclusive class uniquely designed to provide children with special needs a Bible-based, fun learning experience. Typical children can also join the class as peer buddies. Our SRM classes are staffed with trained teachers and helpers who understand and care for those with special needs.

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Teen (“The Y”) Ministry

The teen and middle school years provide incredible opportunities for us to help our children know God, acquire genuine faith, build meaningful and positive relationships, understand emotions, develop character and learn compassion. The Y Ministry holds weekly events for teenagers and middle school students throughout the Bay Area, along with a basketball league, summer camp, a mentorship program, and a variety of opportunities to do good in the community.

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“The family of the godly stands firm.”

Proverbs 12:7

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If you’re in the Bay Area and want to get connected with people with a similar family background, contact us and we’ll get you tied in to one of our services or small group events in your local area.