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It’s almost Easter!

Come celebrate Easter with us at any of our services taking place around the Bay Area.
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We are a church that believes in inspiring people to do good.

Whether you’re interested in joining us for a worship service, finding a small group or simply participating in our community service programs, we’ll help you find the fit that’s right for you.

A blog for daily (busy) life

We know you’re busy. That’s why we put together a blog that helps you apply the Bible to your everyday life in fun, practical ways. Enjoy!
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Our annual event kicks off on March 11 at the Santa Clara Convention Center! Learn more about what makes this such a special occasion for women everywhere.

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Enjoy a night of fun and getting to know people on a deeper level than you’d find anywhere else. Experience two action packed nights, one on the side of the Bay on Mar 18 and Apr 1.

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We’re always amazed and inspired by what our members who are always trying to do good! Visit our Community page to read stories about bettering our communities.

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