At the Bay Area Christian Church, we believe deeply in giving back to our community. It is in this spirit that we will provide several opportunities to do good and make an impact at our 2016 Holiday Celebration Service. In addition to our annual Toy Drive that collects toys for thousands of children who are in adoption or foster care programs, hospitals and underserved neighborhoods in the Bay Area, we are excited to announce we will be taking a contribution that will be dedicated to supporting the Hope Technology School (HTS).

We are proud to support Hope Technology School because we believe it is an organization that shares many of our common values with regard to inclusion and the special needs community as well as our desire to change the world for the good:

  • HTS is an advocate, promoter, practitioner and model for inclusion. Inclusion has been a huge part of the Bay Area Christian Church’s efforts to strengthen the community in the Bay Area and around the world.
  • We share a common passion for excellence. HTS has been awarded the Family Favorite by Bay Area Parent Voters for 2016 in four categories.
  • HTS is a changemaker. Their ambition is to transform the way people think by excelling as an inclusive school. HTS has become a model around the world for schools that believe in but need help becoming inclusive.
  • HTS is an innovator. HTS is developing a new High School Program called “Learning Curve.” Learning Curve will provide a high school program for those looking for a different high school experience than public schools offer. This contribution will specifically benefit the development of this new program.
  • HTS is building for the future. HTS alumni have gone on to influence their communities and their high schools by advocating for and developing inclusion and service clubs while excelling in leadership, academics and athletics.

Please join us in supporting the Hope Technology School at the Holiday Celebration Service on December 11th by praying about and planning on contributing to the at the Santa Clara Convention Center!

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