About this video

This week we explore the hero’s journey and how we can walk like Jesus walked in our daily lives. We discusses the stages of spiritual growth, such as discovering our limits, understanding our possibilities, and embracing our destiny. As you watch, we want to inspire you to rely on God’s power instead of your own and to celebrate your weaknesses, as it becomes a portal to God’s power.

Here’s what to expect:

  • A sermon to strengthen our faith
  • Story of the Week – inspiring stories of people doing good
  • Quarantunes – uplifting music to lift your spirits
  • Simple Notes – a printable note-taking sheet with scripture references
  • Doodle Notes – for visual or artistic learners interact with the service
  • Coloring Game – download this interactive game for the kids

Here are some more resources from Deep Spirituality you can check out to help you dive deeper:


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