About this video

As you rest and relax this morning, kick off the new year by joining us for our online church service called “The Courage to Believe.” Along with music and encouraging stories, you’ll get to hear an inspiring lesson that will get us all ready and excited for God’s purpose this year.

With God and our friends, we can find the courage to believe the impossible in 2023.

Enjoy and Happy New Year!


  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 0:45 Fix You / Men Who Dream
  • 5:42 Rebuild
  • 7:58 Courage of the First Christians
  • 15:58 Change our Lives, Change the World
  • 20:06 A Change is Gonna Come
  • 23:18 Rebuild Faith
  • 31:17 Change the World
  • 35:07 Rebuild Conviction
  • 37:24 Deep Spirituality: The Boldness of Belief
  • 38:51 Rebuild Relationships
  • 44:15 Rebuild Hope
  • 46:41 Communion
  • 48:43 Contribution
  • 51:12 Waking Up

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