About this video

As we continue to #ShelterInPlace in order to keep our communities safe from the spread of coronavirus, we are ready to offer a series of special live stream worship services, Sundays at 11am PDT. These will take the place of in-person services for all of our Bay Area locations.

Here’s what to expect:

  • A sermon to strengthen our faith
  • Story of the Week – inspiring stories of people doing good
  • Music to lift your spirits
  • Simple Notes – a printable note-taking sheet with scripture references
  • Doodle Notes – for visual or artistic learners interact with the service
  • Coloring Game – download this interactive game for the kids

**** UPDATE ****
This Livestream makes reference to an oft quoted stat that more African American men are in jail than college. This stat has been used by numerous activists and presidents over the years.

As it turns out, the information is outdated. The original reports were given insufficient data from approximately 1000 colleges. Read more using the links in the Youtube description.

The disparity between the general population and African Americans is no less a problem than described in this Livestream episode, as the BBC reports:

“The reality is that African-American males are still disproportionately channeled into the criminal justice system and they are still not achieving, or able to have the same educational success as their peers of other races and other ethnicities…Black people account for 40% of the prison population in the US, but only 12% of the population overall.”

Read more about wrongful convictions being a significant factor for this disparity in incarceration rate at the links in the description.


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