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This year at the BACC’s annual Expo, we were treated to back to back videos that highlighted the community impact made by campus and teens in the BACC. Both XCED and SpeakOut are community service initiatives started by students that are anxious to do something significant in their communities, and both of these videos managed to effectively capture their passion.

SpeakOut is a student run club at San Jose State University, and has already managed to garner an impressive amount of support on campus. The club hopes to spread the message of inclusion, which is a methodology adopted and made famous by E-Soccer, which is a program almost all their members participate in as coaches.

So far, they’ve managed to bolster support for local E-Soccer programs, and it’s spreading quickly across campus as their cause receives funding for the next school year.

Mike Query

Mike is a digital marketing manager for the Bay Area Christian Church and is a regular contributor to Inspire. He's passionate about web strategy, music, mentorship, and his quest to find the best burrito in the Bay Area.

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