How much do you look for the opportunity to serve? When you see serving others as a privilege rather than a burden, it becomes a doorway for using your talents.

I give witness that they gave as much as they could. In fact, they gave even more than they could. Completely on their own, they begged us for the chance to share in serving God’s people in that way.

2 Corinthians 8:3-4 (NIrV)

Paul highlights how these Corinthians were literally begging for “the chance to share in serving” others – quite the opposite of begging to be given something for themselves.

  • Is that your heart and motive to serve?

Each of us has been given a unique passion and set of talents. For me, from a young age, it was the sport of soccer. Then, as a disciple in the church, God opened a door of opportunity for me to use my talents and passion for soccer to help children with special needs to learn soccer and build new friendships.

  • Have you ever considered that God blessed you with a particular area of passion and talent so that you could specifically use it to serve and change others’ lives?
  • How can you channel your passion and unique talents to serve others?

You know that the first believers in Achaia were from the family of Stephanas. They have spent all their time serving God’s people. Brothers and sisters, I am asking you to follow the lead of people like them….

1 Corinthians 16:15-16 (NIrV)

The family of Stephanas made their mark by living a life of serving – so much that they are recorded in history as having spent “all their time serving”.  Paul says we all need to follow their lead.

  • In what capacity can you serve weekly to make it a regular part of your life?

Those who have served well earn the full respect of others. They also become more sure of their faith in Christ Jesus.

1 Timothy 3:13 (NIrV)

When serving is part of the character of your life, it influences others by earning their admiration. So consider serving always a privilege, and let it strengthen your faith and influence.

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