“But me—who am I, and who are these my people, that we should presume to be giving something to you? Everything comes from you; all we’re doing is giving back what we’ve been given from your generous hand.”

– 1 Chronicles 29:14 MSG

This weekend will mark the 36th year I have taken part in a Special Contribution. I get excited when thinking about giving Special Contribution because many stirring words come to mind: the future, changing lives, investment, permanence, and opportunity. But most importantly, I think about being a small part of God’s plan to build something amazing and inspiring. 

None of this originates with us; it all comes from God. He has a plan, and he has given us everything, even the ability to give to and be part of building his Kingdom!   

…it all came from you! It was all yours in the first place! I know, dear God, that you care nothing for the surface—you want us, our true selves—and so I have given from the heart, honestly and happily. And now see all these people doing the same, giving freely, willingly—what a joy!

– 1 Chronicles 29:16 MSG

One of the things I love most about Special Contribution weekend is reflecting on all of the great hearts, great faith, and great generosity of the people around me. I am so grateful for every middle schooler who baked and sold banana nut bread, every volunteer at a garage sale or summer fair, every runner in a 5k, and every prayer from everyone who shares the dream that we are building toward. If you want to be inspired, all you have to do is go to www.bacc.cc/special to see and read about that shared dream. 

“The Heart of a Builder” E-Book

As we head into this special weekend, our digital team wanted to help inspire and equip you with a brand new E-Book called “The Heart of a Builder.” This takes all of the faith from each article we have published over the last seven weeks and puts it all together in a one-stop shop for vision and inspiration. Each section is written by one of our ministry, digital, or administrative staff members, who share one aspect of what it means to have the heart of a builder.

Please take a moment to slow down this weekend and reflect as you take in each story and biblical example. You will be grateful for the ways that God is building an amazing and inclusive family with so much potential still in front of us! 

Let’s take the faith we can find in these pages, carry it forward, and give with an inspired heart to build the future. 

Until next time,

Scott and Margo Colvin

Scott Colvin

Scott Colvin

Scott Colvin is an evangelist at the Bay Area Christian Church. Scott ran cross country for the University of North Carolina. Some say he's still running to this day.

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