Senior year is here and college apps and decisions are fast approaching. Here are some do’s and don’ts as you enter your last chapter of your high school career.

  1. DON’T Get College Obsessed –Your future is not determined at 18. You have a lifetime of “life-altering” decisions and the idea that it’s all weighing on one decision is absurd. Keep an open mind for what’s best for you and not what everyone else is doing. Here’s an article with tips when it comes to choosing a college that fits you!
  2. DON’T Pull All-nighters – It’s just high school! There’s definitely no reason to be killing yourself your senior year. I was lucky enough to not have to pull any all-nighters till college, and my first one was a 36hr one. Needless enough, I never did that again. There’s no reason to be stressing out at that level in high school, and if that weren’t reason enough, check out some health risks that might change your mind.
  3. DON’T Get Lazy – Senioritis is no excuse to stop trying! The finish line is SO close you can almost taste it! But don’t get ahead of yourself and blow off that astronomy class second semester just because you already got into the college you wanted – trust me, I know. Here is some advice when it comes to finishing strong.
  4. DO Avoid Clichés on your common app – Not to be gimmicky, but just be YOU. I know I just used one of the most overused clichés just now, but in all honesty, being yourself is the most unique thing you can do, where as “be original” might as well be a torturous phrase that leaves you over thinking and rethinking everything about yourself. Check out these examples of what to avoid in your app.
  5. DO Think before you apply – Remember, it’s like 50-90 bucks per application. Don’t apply to a school you really wouldn’t want to go to just because there’s an off chance you might possibly want to go there. Make sure to talk to the right people before applying.
  6. DO Have Fun! – It’s your last year in high school! Don’t miss out on all the memories you could be making by stressing out even when you do have time. Remember you’re not the only one going through it, so it’s a great opportunity to make friends with people who can relate right now.
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