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Last week the San Francisco State Gators Men’s soccer team made their way to Washington High School to participate in E-Soccer San Francisco. This marked their second appearance to the program’s weekly session, which saw these college athletes lending a hand to the BACC volunteers as they worked together to provide an inclusive athletic environment for typical and special needs children. E-Soccer began with a father named Russ Ewell trying to help his two sons wit special needs, and it has grown deep roots in the community ever since.

“We had the opportunity to get 10 of the San Francisco State men soccer team come help out…” said Ade Henderson, E-Soccer head coach and SFSU student. “It was truly an amazing experience. Both the head coach and assistant coach were there, and had a chance to meet tons of parents, see the program and interact with the coaches.”

Ade, an E-Soccer volunteer coach in San Francisco, took it upon himself to make the connection between the E-Soccer program and his college’s soccer team after noticing the growing number of incoming participants. He also saw it as an opportunity to get his university more involved in the community.

“The coaches realized how this program is helpful not only in building up the community, but also in creating new bonds for their team,” said Ade. “They want to keep coming out to future sessions. They want to see if they can bring players every week in smaller groups.”

With the aide of a collegiate team, E-Soccer San Francisco is poised to have an explosive 2012 season. Check below for a video of the Gators’ interactions with the kids:

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