This is Part 2 of a quiet time series on Mark. Check out Part 1 if you missed it!

This may be different than the typical bible study or article, because you actually need to open your Bible and take notes for yourself as you go through it! This quiet time will help you change your view of God, relationships, and team while teaching you how to interact with God differently when you read the Bible on your own.

I like to read the Bible the same way I read a novel so I can see the whole picture of who God is. In this study, most of my notes are about passages instead of specific verses, because convictions stay with me throughout the day better that way. It’s much easier for me to remember a story or narrative than a specific verse and its analysis.

Take a minute before you start to recall the one thing you want to change from part 1 and write down a summary of what you learned.


  1. Open your Bible to Mark or click it open online!
  2. Get out a notebook and pen.
  3. Read the passage on your own. Feel free to underline or take your own notes.
  4. Then read the questions and points below after each passage, and answer the questions in your notebook.

READ MARK 7:1 – MARK 7:23

Your Heart

  • Remember the parable of the sower in chapter 4? The word clearly wasn’t producing a crop in the Pharisees. Why do you think that was?
  • What kind of heart do you think that you have right now?
  • Jesus teaches that the source of sin isn’t our circumstances, but our heart. What circumstances do you blame for your lack of change?

READ MARK 7:24 – MARK 9:13

Your Understanding

  • What do you see about the way Jesus lived everyday? His priorities? His choices? The way he interacted with people? His motives?
  • Why did Jesus ask his disciples about who they think he is? Why is it important for you to have your own belief about who he is?
  • Jesus says you have to lose your life for him in order to save it. How can that simple conviction help you change?
  • How can you change your perspective to think more about God and God’s thoughts instead of people and people’s thoughts?

READ MARK 9:14 – MARK 10:52

Your Relationships

  • Here, Jesus here shows us his attitude toward sin. How would you describe it? If Jesus had to make the change you’re making how would he do it?
  • There are a lot of times in this section where people try to discourage others from pursuing God. Are your friends helping or hurting your decisions to change?
  • Do you feel like your change, although it may be simple, is also impossible? Jesus twice in this section encourages his disciples when they come up against the impossible. How would Jesus encourage you?

Ready for Part 3?

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