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Ezra is an amazing book to read and study. It’s incredible to see God lead the Israelites to build an inspiring team, work together, and change their entire community. God is the driver. Team is the vehicle. This 2-Part quiet time series is broken down into the first and last 5 chapters of Ezra.

This may be different than the typical bible study or article, because you actually need to open your Bible and take notes for yourself as you go through it! This quiet time will help you change your view of God, relationships, and team while teaching you how to interact with God differently when you read the Bible on your own.

If you’ve already read Part 1, check out Part 2!


  1. Open your Bible to Ezra or click it open online
  2. Get out a notebook and pen
  3. Read Chapter 1 on your own, before you read the questions and points below. Feel free to underline or take your own notes.
  4. Then read the questions and points below, after each chapter. Reread each of the selected verses and answer the questions for yourself in your notebook.

Read Ezra 1

v.1 God moved the heart of Cyrus king of Persia and gave His people a great opportunity. What opportunity is God putting in front of you?
v.5 The people made a team and worked together to build the house of God. Who is on your team?

Read Ezra 2

v.68-70 Is everyone on your team involved in each other’s lives? Are you? Is everyone sacrificing for the team’s mission? If not, what conversations do you need to have?

Read Ezra 3

v.1 What do you think God means when he says that the people came together “as one”? What is stopping you and your team from having that kind of unity? What is missing in your relationships with God?

v.3 Fear didn’t stop the people from building the altar on its foundation. What’s something you’ve been too afraid to do? How can you decide not to let fear stop you from what God is trying to do in your life?

v.6 They were eager to show their gratitude for God. What do you learn about what pure motives lead to? What has been motivating you?

v.11 Do you pray for God to move? How much time do you spend thanking God and praising him every day?

v.12 Why do you think the older people were crying while the young were shouting for joy? How can this relate to you?

Read Ezra 4

v.1-3 Is there anyone on your team who shouldn’t be? Have you had the courage to stand up to them and say what you think?

v.4-5 What challenges are you up against?

v.24 How have your faith and relationship with God done during the hard times when it feels like Satan is winning?

Read Ezra 5

v.1-2 It’s amazing that both these prophets—Haggai and Zechariah—have their own books in the Bible. When the people heard the Word of God, everything changed! How much time do you spend listening to the Word of God? Are you responding and leading like Zerubbabel and Jeshua, or are you resisting and ignoring?

v.2 Do you have friends who help you and point you back to God? How can you start building those types of friendships?

v.5 What was watching over the people when they were building?

v.8 How hard are you working?

v.11 They had a clear identity: “we are the servants of the God of heaven and earth.” They had a clear purpose: “we are rebuilding the temple.” What identity and purpose has God given you right now? This is a great verse to pray about.


Check out Part 2!

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Bay Area Christian Church

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