The first season of “Southern Nevada E-Soccer” kicked off yesterday morning at 10 am at Mesa Park in Las Vegas. 130 kids ages 3-5 participated in Session 1 from 10am – 11am; 140 kids ages 6-14 participated in Session 2 from 11am – 12 noon. From the Bay Area, the BACC sent a team of 9 veteran E-soccer coaches, some of whom are teachers and therapists from the Hope Technology School, to help the Las Vegas volunteers launch the first of what will be many successful seasons in Southern Nevada. An additional three coaches even drove overnight Friday to be there to assist with the launch on Saturday.

Over a decade ago, Russ Ewell, father of two sons with special needs, founded E-Soccer. It has been spreading its reach and impact ever since.

Stay tuned tomorrow for full coverage of the event. For now, enjoy this brief teaser slideshow of the E-Soccer Las Vegas launch:


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