The Second Annual BACC 2012 Above the Rim 3 on 3 Hoop Tournament was once again a phenomenal experience for both players and fans. The event was co-sponsored by Sports Authority and 24 Hour Fitness and they gave away many prizes to the fans. One of the first time players said, “This is an amazing place and there is nothing like this.” Another player, Emeka, who has been part of the BACC Summer league for many years, wasn’t sure he could play because of an injury, but said, “I am definitely coming to see you all.” His words exemplify what the league is all about- relationships.

With 30 teams registered, there were 116 players playing their hearts out. This year’s tournament was divided into 3 categories:

  • Middle School Division
  • High School Division
  • Adult Division

The Contra Costa Finest have won 2-straight championships for the Middle School Division, Berch 10 (Alameda) won the High School Division and Esface Elite (San Mateo) won the Adult Division. The tournament’s commissioner was Anton Lyons, who himself played Division I Basketball as well as overseas professionally. He said of the tournament, “I haven’t seen that much talent in one setting in a long time.”

Perhaps, one of the most physical games of the day was the semifinal match up between Show Time and the Esface Elite. The game went to overtime, and Show Time lost a heartbreaker after a flagrant foul was called on one of their more aggressive players. Esface Elite went ahead to win the championship.

Overall, the tournament was phenomenal and many are looking forward to the summer league that starts up July 1st.

Martin Oji

Martin Oji

Martin Oji is a contributor to BACC Inspire. He works with college students and young professionals in the San Francisco Bay Area. Martin is the 4th best basketball player on the Inspire roster.

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