Are you making your life count? In light of our 2016 Girls Night Out events entitled “Make it Count,” we are highlighting a few women who are making their lives count. Let the inspiration begin!

“In the second grade, I was diagnosed with ADD, dyslexia and auditory processing. I didn’t fit in anywhere at school. I felt like I was forced to sit down and be quiet when all I wanted was to run, jump, climb, stretch, and play on the swings. Even some of my teachers didn’t believe I could make it through school. One teacher told me, ‘Do not expect a cap and gown for graduation because you will not graduate.’

So I got motivated not to quit. I worked very hard in everything I did and I did graduate from high school. Not only did I graduate, I decided to go to college and I am working to become a teacher. I stopped ignoring my learning challenges because I realized I was ignoring something that made me – me! I don’t ever want other kids to feel the way that I did – like they have to ignore a part of themselves that makes them who they are.

I wouldn’t have understood why I have my challenges without getting to know God. He tells me every day that normal is just a setting on a washing machine. I need my learning challenges. Without my learning challenges, I would not have the compassion I need to work with kids who are just like I was in elementary school. I can help kids through the same things I felt. Right now I am a behavioral therapist, I work one-on-one with kids how have autism. Basically I can run, jump, climb, stretch and play on the swings. My life is worth so much more than anything anyone has said about me. Those thoughts about being worthless can still sometimes haunt me, but whenever they do I talk to God about it. I’m so grateful for how far he has brought me. God made me count!”

-Grace Walters

To learn more about making your life count, be sure to join us for one of our Girls Night Out events, happening around the Bay Area in the month of March.

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