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Are you making your life count? In light of our 2016 Girls Night Out events entitled “Make it Count,” we are highlighting a few women who are making their lives count. Let the inspiration begin!

“We volunteered to help run administration for E-Soccer in 2005. My husband Kevin had been a coach for the program for 5 years, but I had never personally worked with kids with special needs. So I while I wanted to help I was pretty clueless and scared. I prayed a lot to trust God to show me what to do and to have a teachable heart to learn.

At that time, God brought a couple into our lives who became our very good friends. We were pregnant at the same time, and when their daughter was born she had special needs. I heard their cry of desperation and frustration as special needs parents and that was what really motivated me to give my all to serving at E-Soccer. My husband and I also began serving in the spiritual resources ministry that helps children with special needs at church and have been doing so for 7 years now.

In the mean time, I think having a daughter with special needs opened up my friend’s heart to learning about God. I invited her to join me at an event similar to Girls Night Out, she came and loved it. She decided to study the Bible and as a result of the love and faith she experienced she decided to become a Christian.

Serving these families with special needs kids in my community has helped my family a lot too. The parents I’ve met teach me how to be compassionate and understanding in my parenting. Serving is helping me and my husband to work together and use the talents God gave us to help others. The young adult coaches at E-Soccer are a great example for my son. It’s so encouraging to be part of something that give hope and encouragement to others!”

-Cathy Wu

To learn more about making your life count, be sure to join us for one of our Girls Night Out events, happening around the Bay Area in the month of March.

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