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The San Francisco Bay Area is one of the most desired places to live in the world. Home to two of the happiest cities for young professionals in America (San Jose #1, and San Francisco #2), the Bay is world renowned for its vibrancy and knack for innovation. Millions of people either visit or attempt to move here regularly, and for good reason: you can see first hand the products, services and people who change the world on a daily basis.

However, living in such a desired place does comes at a cost.  Dubbed one of the most stressful places to live in America, as well as one of the most expensive places to live, making the Bay your home can tend to come with some unintended levels of anxiety.  Here at the BACC, we’re constantly working on ways to address the stress that comes with living and working in the Bay Area by providing helpful resources to alleviate anxiety and provide information that will help make your daily life productive and stress-free.

Kelly McGonigal recently gave TED talk entitled “How to Make Stress Your Friend,” and we found it highly useful and insightful. Check out the video below for some tips and perspective on stress that could help transform your daily life.


Mike Query

Mike is a digital marketing manager for the Bay Area Christian Church and is a regular contributor to Inspire. He's passionate about web strategy, music, mentorship, and his quest to find the best burrito in the Bay Area.

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