Our upcoming campus retreat is entitled Visionary: Live Your Passion. So what does a visionary life actually look like? To find out, we got some thoughts from a few Bay Area college students.

“There used to be so many nights that I would fall asleep sad because I felt so much about my family and how distant we were.  There wasn’t much vision in my life, and the little vision I did have was for making a lot of money, getting a nice car, nice house, better computer, bigger TV, that kind of stuff. I wanted people to talk about me back home in the Philippines as someone really making it out here in the States.

But all that stuff only made me happy in the moment; I had to keep recreating that happy feeling as much as I could. More TV, more video games.

I think what God used to change my life was realizing what I thought about when I went to sleep at night. I didn’t think about all the stuff in my life – I thought about my family.

Studying the Bible changed my relationship with my parents … it’s made me actually want to be close and to want to keep being real and talking. It’s changed what I want in life. I want to change people’s lives so they can see and want the same things and experience close relationships.

I think you can go to sleep happy when you know that you know how to be close and not just superficial.”

-Kevin Chua, Kinesiology major at San Jose State University, class of 2016

For more inspiration about how to live a visionary life, don’t miss the 2015 Campus Retreat Visionary: Live Your Passion on October 23-24.

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