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Since kicking off in November of last year, Las Vegas E-Soccer has been scoring goals of all kinds. The Spring 2012 Season is just around the corner, and they are expecting close to 300 kids to be participating. More significant than the number of kids involved is the impact E-Soccer is making on the community. It’s incredible that E-Soccer started simply because of one father, Russ Ewell, was trying to help his two sons with special needs learn to play soccer while building peer relationships on the field. Because of E-Soccer, countless friendships have started among the parents and kids. One story I heard about a 5-year old girl had a birthday arrive, and one of the mom’s of the program couldn’t believe how many E-Soccer friends had wished her daughter “Happy Birthday” on Facebook. These connections are made through teams. Every child is placed on a team with 9 other kids and a head coach. Each one of those teams includes children with special needs and peers who are typical. E-Soccer LV has also made connections with the UNLV Women’s Soccer team. They’ve committed to being on board to help train the E-Soccer coaches so they can continue to provide the hope and opportunity each child and parent desires. Some may wonder “what’s next?” for E-Soccer LV. At the rate they’ve been moving forward, what’s next seems limitless. For a closer look at what’s going on with our friends in Southern Nevada, check out their newly launched site, which includes an online store!

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