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To be close to someone, we need to understand them. Understanding Jesus means not just knowing what he did,but knowing why he did it. Then we can know what motivates him, what drives him, and how he feels. It is one thing to hear Jesus’ words and another thing to understand him. Many heard Jesus, but few understood him. God wants us to understand him, not just hear him. When we understand Jesus, we can become like him from the inside out.

Character Study:



  • Matthew 13:15 (NIRV)
  • John 21
  • Mark 4-8

Going Deeper:

  1. When you read about Jesus, do you ask “why” questions to understand what really motivated Him?
  2. When you look at your own life and choices, do you ask yourself “why” questions to understand what really motivates you?
  3. Is your goal simply to do what the Bible says, or is your goal to understand Jesus so you can become like Him?
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