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Forgiveness is the difference between those who claim to believe in God yet complacently remain the same, and those who enthusiastically embrace God’s dream for their lives. Forgiveness frees us from our past and opens the door to our future. Those who forgive deeply understand that God’s dream is not limited by people or what people do to us. God’s dreams for our lives surpass what people can do. Forgiveness never waits for an apology but is freely extended when we walk closely with God.

Character Study:



  • Genesis 37-50
  • Mark 11:22-25
  • Luke 6:27-36
  • 1 John 2:3-11

Going Deeper:

  1. What does it reveal about your relationship with God when you are having a difficult time forgiving others?
  2. How is your willingness to forgive others connected to your awareness of your personal sin?
  3. In what relationships do you need to seek forgiveness, as well as extend forgiveness?
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