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In the midst of the devastation left behind by Hurricane Harvey, several members of the Bay Area Christian Church have been inspired to find ways to provide support and relief to those in need in Houston. From fundraiser game nights to lemonade stands to diaper drives, it’s not too late to get involved yourself and shine a bright light for those who need it. You can support a project that has already been started, or get inspired to start your own doing good project.

Filling the Diaper Gap

Jen Jerdonek watched the news coverage of Hurricane Harvey in sadness and horror. She and her husband decided they wanted to do something to help.

“I did some research to see what needs we could fill and started to look how to meet them because I wanted to do more than just send money,” Jen said. “As I researched, I saw that there was a ‘diaper gap.’ While food and other resources were coming in from various agencies, there was a gap for young parents and mothers in need of diapers as well as adult diapers. As an expectant mother, I thought about how hard that would be on me if I were there.”

Together with several of her friends, Jen has helped organize a diaper drive in the Livermore/Dublin area. A friend who is a realtor with Keller Williams Realty in Danville, CA volunteered their freight truck and $20k in funds. Another friend who is a food broker in Dublin, CA, is contacting local vendors and getting food donations to fill the truck. Now, they plan to send a full truck to the Texas Diaper Bank to provide for families in Houston.

Care Packages for Families

Tammy Nakatani’s sister lives in Houston, and many of her neighbors have been affected by the storm. Members of the BACC in Contra Costa North decided to donate money to make care packages for families in Houston. Tammy’s sister and brother-in-law are uniting a team of families on their street to purchase supplies and make bags and baskets of children’s supplies, clothes and infant supplies to hand out to families in their neighborhood.

Canned Food Drive

A group of college students from the BACC college ministry decided they wanted to work together to help hurricane relief efforts however they could. In addition to planning a fundraiser game night, they decided to organize a canned food drive to collect non-perishable items to send to those in need in the Houston area. The canned food drive begins today, so contact if you would like to donate.

Lemon-Aid for Houston

On Saturday, September 9, stop by a neighborhood fundraiser hosted by a group of members of the BACC in San Mateo, CA. They will be out on Pasadena Drive and Santa Clara Way in San Mateo from 9 am-12 pm selling fresh lemonade and baked goods to raise money for The American Red Cross.

Support for Those with Special Needs

We are proud to support the Autism Society of Texas in their heroic efforts to help families with special needs whose lives were disrupted by Hurricane Harvey. We’ve donated money and noise-canceling headphones to help children with special needs who are in shelters in Houston.

If you’re interested in getting involved with any of the above hurricane relief efforts, please contact us at You can also visit Texas Diaper Bank or donate to the Red Cross Harvey Relief Fund.

Written by

Amy Query

Amy Query is an editor of BACC Inspire and avid reader. She studied psychology at the University of California, Berkeley, and has over a decade of experience in mentoring, counseling and community organizing.