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The Bay Area Christian Church believes in making a difference in our community.  We have served, built and supported programs within our communities that have benefited many individuals irrespective of their religious beliefs or affiliations.  We want the community to be better place as a result of us being in it.  We also want to be a conduit for those who want to use their time, energy and talents to serve others.

One special program that is having an impact in the East Menlo Park and East Palo Alto community is the Beechwood Wrestling Club.  Two years ago with a vision to develop character & teach life lessons through the sport he loves Nathan Pantoja,  (the kids know him as “Mr. P,” many of us know him as “Buddy,”) began the Beechwood Wrestling Club for elementary school students & middle school students.  Starting with nothing but a vision and the heart to serve, Nathan has built the Beechwood Wrestling club into a local contender in the youth wrestling community.  In the final tournament of the season for the Peninsula league they took 9 medals with 16 competitors.  Through his leadership and efforts, students are being given an opportunity to develop positive role models, build character and learn valuable life lessons in a safe environment.

The work that is being done to help young students in an underprivileged community is consistent with the efforts the Bay Area Christian Church makes to serve the foster/Adoption community with the annual Holiday Toy drive and the typical and special needs community through our E-soccer & E-karate programs.  These are just a few examples of services and programs we have developed to build community by helping people.

With this in mind the Bay Area Christian Church on June 4th, 2012 presented Nathan Pantoja along with several of his wrestlers with a check for $1,500 made out to the Beechwood School to help them purchase equipment and uniforms. We believe the beechwood Wrestling Club and similar programs will make a huge difference in the lives of young students in our community.


Stone Eleazer

Stone Eleazer is the director of operations at the Bay Area Christian Church, and is an editor for BACC Inspire.

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