San Mateo vs. San Francisco

This week, San Mateo was missing four of its starters, fortunately, they have the most talented bench in the league and San Francisco was also working through their own personnel challenges.  At some points in the game, San Francisco was playing solid, aggressive defense, but they were unable to hold San Mateo down. San Mateo’s well balanced offensive and defensive play enabled them to overcome their difficulties.
Final Score: San Mateo-62 San Francisco- 54

Santa Clara vs. Alameda

Santa Clara, arguably the most talented team in the league, held Alameda to 15 points in the first half. Frankly, It seemed like they were playing around with Alameda, whose team has struggled throughout the summer. The dynamic, exciting offense that we’ve seen from Santa Clara in past weeks made only the occasional appearance in this game. In the end, it was their dominant defense led by Marcel Jackson that made the difference.
Final Score: Santa Clara-68 Alameda-41

Contra Costa North vs. Contra Costa South

North versus South, there are so many Civil War jokes to be made and so little time.  Unfortunately, the level of gameplay was not equal to the comparison. This week’s game was, as one player described it, a “rag tag” affair. Contra Costa North will have to perform much better if they hope to defeat Santa Clara, who currently holds first place.
Final Score: CC North-71 CC South- 67


Top Scorers:

Anthony Smith (SF)-24

Roy Giles (CC North)-22

Philipps (CC South)- 22

Manny Martin (SM) -18

Keenan McMiller (AL)-18

DeAngelo Jackson (SC)- 17

Middle School Results:

San Francisco- 27 San Mateo- 25

Santa Clara- 49 Alameda- 33

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