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What makes The BACC Above The Rim basketball league unique? Simply put, what we have to offer is more than a game, it is a place where we build family, lasting friendships, and have fun, all the while developing character in an incredibly competitive environment.

Here are 3 reasons why you and your family should come out to be a part of this exciting summer long event.

Family – Shoreline 3 on 3

Every year, we meet as a big family at one of the Bay Area’s legendary venue: Shoreline Amphitheater. What would be a family gathering without some good conversations, good food, good music, and good basketball? All these things and more will be at our annual Above the Rim 3 on 3 tournament.

In a time where outdoors basketball is losing its value, we are reclaiming the passion for the game and bringing it back to the streets.

“Violence has chased people off playgrounds and out of parks” ESPN Article “Playground Basketball is Dying

This tournament always brings out the best in the Bay Area basketball community because of its vibrant atmosphere and unmatched competition. This tournament is a highly competitive event for the players and an exciting experience for fans, friends and family.

This 3 on 3 tournament will have Middle Schoolers, Teens and adults competing in their own proper divisions.

Friendship – MS Clinic & Teen League

We live in a world where teenagers are in a desperate need of inspiring role models.
To meet the needs of the upcoming generation and their families, we are revamping our MS league by making it evolve into a 5 week basketball clinic, and introducing for the very first time a Teen League.

What makes our league “More Than a Game” is that we strive to help the kids reach their highest potential on and off the court.

To do so, throughout our 5 weeks season, the middle schoolers will have experienced coaches and guest speakers teach them about basketball and the impact they can have in the community around them.

We will help our young players develop and improve their basketball skills by breaking them up into different skill levels and teach them the fundamentals of the game.

According to an LAPD article, 3 of the 5 main reasons why young people join gangs are identity, protection, brotherhood. We want our league to meet those needs and many more for the youth of our community.

With our Teen League, young men will be able to experience the game they love while developing their skills, being able to compete in a safe environment, and create new and lasting friendships.

Fun – Adult League

Every BACC Hoop League roster is equipped with current or former collegian players, so there is no shortage of talent as every game is filled with exciting highlights and impressive skills.

For more information and registration, please go to the Above the Rim homepage. Information regarding schedule, location, waivers, cost, and information for our league is available.

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Bay Area Christian Church

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