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Here are some inside tips for all of the single men out there.

1. Everyone loves a gentleman – A guy who will come to your door with flowers makes a great impression!

2. There is life beyond Saturday night – We want to be friends and talk outside of a date. Call or text just to chat so we get to know each other outside of the date.

3. Group dates with people you don’t know are awkward – But times with friends build memories! When you’re planning a group thing, think about people we would like to hang out with.

4. Asking questions always wins points – You show that you’re interested in listening when you ask questions. We love it when you’re interested in getting to know “the real us.”

5. Take the pressure off – Make plans that are appropriate for the relationship. Starting small (for example, dinner and a movie with a few friends) gives people the chance to get comfortable with one another. As we become better friends, we enjoy spending more time and going on creative and adventurous dates.

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