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This weekend, the Bay Area Christian Church worked as a family to gather donation supplies for Philippines Typhoon victims… in fact, enough donations were received to fill 100 extra-large boxes with supplies. Everything from shoes, canned goods, jackets, sleeping bags, and batteries were collected. The generosity of everyone was so great that we ran out of boxes at our location and had to fill countless garbage bags with the remaining donations!

The BACC worked in partnership with neighbors, friends nearby, friends on Facebook, Bay Area Adoption Services, and many others to make this such a great success. Truly, it’s amazing what can happen when we get involved and work together with our friends in the community.

We would like to say a special thank you to Rose Taylor from the LBC Foundation for their generous contribution of taking care of the shipment of countless boxes to the typhoon victims.

We know that our efforts are only a small gesture compared the magnitude of the disaster, but we also know that God will use this small gesture to make tremendous impact for many families in need. Please continue to keep the Philippines in your prayers and pray that they will receive these gifts safely from around the world. We trust that God is moving and will continue to move on their behalf.


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