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Happiness is often a hard concept to grasp. Many of our efforts and strivings are driven by the desire to be happy, but what does it truly mean to become and stay happy? That’s why we are excited to learn from our new series “Jonah: The Roadmap to Happiness.” In our first part of this series, we will talk about “Why We Run from God.” God wants to give us the happiness we long for, but in order to access it we need to examine why we don’t go to him for it.


  • Read 1 Kings 19, about Elijah’s disagreement with God, and learn how God sticks with us and responds with love when we resist him.
  • Read “4 People in the Bible Who Can Teach Us to Embrace the Unexpected” to see some biblical examples of people who disagreed with God and discovered something they didn’t know they needed.
  • Download a printout of the discussion topics to reference as you listen.

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