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Even in the best of times, marriages and relationships take work. It is important to be aware of the condition of our relationships so we can have marriages that help us grow with God rather than cause stress and distance. Just like in a doctor’s check-up, we need to take the “temperature” of our spiritual health, especially when it comes to our faith. God has us in each other’s lives to fight together for a greater purpose, but when stress, hardship, and pain come it is easy to fight against rather than for each other. Fighting through bitterness and choosing faith, forgiveness, and family is what will help us grow to become who God’s calling us to be.


  • What does stress look like in the marriage?
  • How are we handling stress in the home?
  • What fear do you often feel?
  • Which movie title best describes your marriage and family? [Home Alone, Harry Potter, The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly, The Fast And The Furious, It’s A Wonderful Life, Instant Family]



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