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What is the condition of your relationships? Are you vulnerable and confident? Or deceitful and insecure? If we are going to build relationships that are open, safe, and loving, we need to be honest about what holds us back, including our view of God’s love for us. If we are going to build a house of love rather than a house of fear, we will need to look at the condition of each aspect of our house and let God help us build the right way.

Dive deeper

Here are some resources to help you dive deeper into what the scriptures say on this topic.

  • Read Better Together: 5 Qualities of Spiritual Friendshipsto learn more about how to have the kinds of relationships that are built on love and vulnerability rather than hate and deceit.
  • Read the book of 1 John to see more of the connection between God’s love for you and your love for others.

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