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Answering the Call of Those Passed Over

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“Speak out on behalf of those who have no voice, and defend all those who have been passed over.” - Proverbs 31:8 Voice With the new year well underway, many…

Christmas Lights that Inspired Us

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Despite what we are going through, God can always use our lives to make a difference in those around us.

Step Forward Into 2022!

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As we now enter 2022, we wanted to highlight a few inspiring, faith-filled among us who can help us all have the faith to move forward.

It’s Greater to Give

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As Christmas fast approaches, the "Season to Care" is upon us!

Making the Holidays Merrier by Serving One Another

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This is a great example of seeing God move. A few individuals thought about others instead of themselves during the holidays, which led to inspiring others to do the same.

Compassion In Action

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We are inspired by so many of the people in our church who are not just talking about compassion, but are putting foot to pavement, meeting needs, and changing lives!