Special Contribution 2022

The Heart of a Builder

God can reach everyone, anywhere, all the time, and he works through us to do it.

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Download the ebook: “The Heart of a Builder”

With this year’s Special Contribution, we hope to share just a few aspects of what it means to have the “Heart of a Builder.” Each section of this ebook includes a blurb from one of our ministry, digital, or administrative staff, who describes the impact of Special Contribution in a certain area, along with a person in the Bible that shares this conviction to build.

“From him the whole body, joined and held together by every supporting ligament, grows and builds itself up in love, as each part does its work.”

Ephesians 4:16New International Version
Why we give

What does being a builder mean to you?

Special Contribution, our annual fundraiser, supports some of our most forward-thinking and impactful initiatives. It also gives us a chance to build our faith about investing in God’s Kingdom.

How we're building

Learn more about the projects we’re working on, and the spiritual qualities we hope everyone can develop by supporting them.

Download the ebook

Building family

Spreading love through house churches

Building inclusion

Supporting special needs families

Building a strong foundation

Expanding our presence in the Bay Area

Building community

Shining a light by doing good

Building faith everywhere

Making God known digitally

Building the future

Investing in young leaders

Building on compassion

Providing relief locally and globally

Building inspiring lives

Individuals making a difference

More than one way to give

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Donate via our PayPal Giving Fund page, or use the PayPal app. Simply select “Support a charity” and search for Bay Area Christian Church.

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Make a donation with a credit card payment. You will receive an email confirming your payment was successful which can be used for tax purposes.

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If you’d prefer to give via check or use online bill pay, simply mail a check to BACC at 2479 E. Bayshore Rd. Ste 185, Palo Alto, CA 94303.

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If you are interested in making a stock donation or have any questions, please contact stockdonations@bacc.cc

Frequently Asked Questions

What you need to know

What is the Special Contribution (“SC”)?

The SC is a collection of funds taken up to support the ongoing mission of the church. The proceeds from the 2022 Special Contribution will be divided as follows:  (1) one time weekly contribution for operational expenses; (2) one-time weekly contribution for our Doing Good Fund (HTS, benevolence, community projects, E-Sports); (3) seven times weekly contribution for leadership training on all levels, renovating a youth and inclusion center, funding special events, and expanding our digital influence.

While personally raising funds, are members allowed to use the church’s name or logo, or represent that the church is sponsoring the event? If not, why?

Only with approval of the board of directors. Using the Church’s name or logo at a fundraiser may give the impression that the church will take responsibility for any harm or injury resulting from an event.

How easy is it to mistakenly or inadvertently represent a personal fundraiser as church-sponsored?

It’s quite easy to inadvertently put the church at risk for liability based on things we say or do. For example: (1) using the church name or logo to obtain a “non profit discount”; (2) using the name or logo on the internet, in a letter, on printed material, or other media format (such as radio, television, video, etc.), through which money or donations are requested; or (3) representing that the church’s insurance is available to cover potential liabilities.

What does the church require to approve sponsoring a fundraising event?

Approval by the Board of Directors (B of D). Present a written request to your Sector Leader with details of the event and they will present your request to administration and the B of D’s. Be sure to submit requests as far in advance as possible to allow timely review and room for questions or adjustments.

Are certain types of fundraisers more likely than others to be approved by the church board?

Yes. Although there are no guarantees, fundraising events that present less risk to the church are more likely to be approved.

For members who plan their own fundraisers, should certain events be avoided because they are illegal or otherwise inappropriate?

Yes. Some popular fundraisers are actually illegal or inappropriate. Lotteries, raffles and casino nights are illegal in many states because they are games of chance. Also, some local city or county agencies do not allow soliciting money door-to-door without approval. Other activities that are legal but create risk include car washes (risk of damage to vehicles), homemade food sales (possible food poisoning if food is not properly stored and prepared), and talent or variety shows (injury to performers, etc). Get lots of advice and help and you should be fine.

If a member organizes his/her own fundraiser without involving the church, may he/she accept checks written out to the church? Is the money considered a tax deductible donation?

Make checks payable to individual members for all sale items (such as a garage sale). Payments for goods or services are not charitable donations or tax-deductible. However, monetary donations to the church are tax-deductible, so long as nothing of value, such as goods or services, are given in exchange for the money. If a buyer or anyone wishes to make a donation to the church (whether or not he or she is buying goods or services), the member may certainly write a check to the church.

  • A canceled check is a sufficient receipt under $250.00
  • Receipts are required for donations over $250.00 and must be issued from the Church Administrative Office

If members organize a fundraiser that is not sponsored by the church (for example, a garage or rummage sale), may they use church owned or leased property?

No. Church-owned or leased property shouldn’t be used for events that the church hasn’t closely reviewed and approved.