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How to give

Instructions on giving with PayPal

PayPal offers two different ways in which you can donate to the Bay Area Christian Church. If you are a PayPal member, you can perform either of the following actions. (Also, please check the box “Share my contact info with this charity” so we can make sure your funds are applied to the proper ministry location.)

PayPal Giving Fund page

Visit our PayPal giving fund page in your web browser to make your donation.

Download the PayPal app

Simply tap the “Donate” button on the home screen, and search for “Bay Area Christian Church”

Email us to confirm

After completing your donation, email us at to let us know which BACC location you attend.

About your donation

The Bay Area Christian Church is an approved charity of the PayPal Giving Fund. All donations given via the PayPal Giving Fund are 100% received by the Bay Area Christian Church. You will not be charged a fee for any transaction.

After giving your donation and once your transaction is complete, PayPal should send you a confirmation email. This email replaces an acknowledgement from BACC and is required in order for the contribution(s) to be tax-deductible. It should be retained for tax purposes.