Making God known

Join us at the Bay Area Christian Church as we inspire one another to love God and do good.

Middle School & Teen Parent Workshop

Saturday, May 18th

Join parents from around the Bay Area for a workshop focused on creating faithful, loving, and intimately connected homes. The event kicks off 4 pm at our Sunnyvale Common Ground campus.

News & updates

In the media

Inspiring stories and highlights from the news and media about the impact God is making through our church.

  • The Christian Post
    Apr 15, 2024

    Op-Ed: How Can We Address the Decline in Religion?

    Russ Ewell writes about how the statistical decline in explicit religiosity is counteracted by the precious, insatiable spirituality God can use to call to us.

  • Fox News
    Apr 14, 2024

    Our Approach to Dealing With Historic Decline in Church Attendance

    Only three in 10 Americans attend church once a week or almost once a week, according to a recent Gallup poll.

  • The Common Good Podcast
    Apr 12, 2024

    BACC on The Common Good Podcast

    Russ Ewell joins the program to discuss the impact that having a focus on doing good in the special needs community has had on our church.

  • Relevant Magazine
    Apr 5, 2024

    Women Are Most Likely to Leave the Church. How Can We Fix That?

    An op-ed by our Women's Ministry Leader Gail Ewell about why women are leaving the church, and what we can do to reverse this trend.


We’re glad you’re here

Jesus was a simple man with a simple plan to make God known. Together, we constantly look at Jesus through God’s Word, inspired to become whatever destiny requires so that we can give hope to the many still unfamiliar with God’s amazing love. We do this by building a community rooted in the Bible, fostering deep spiritual friendships, and doing good in our community.

We meet in eight Sunday service locations across the Bay Area, and our small groups meet throughout the week.

We hope you will join us in our mission to create a non-traditional, non-denominational, life-changing church.

Getting connected

We are a church dedicated to walking with God.

We believe that what makes church special is not only the Sunday sermon, but also the spiritual connections we build with God and each other.

Watch & read

Explore digital tools to deepen your walk with God.

Connect with God in new and exciting ways with insightful devotionals, engaging podcasts, and inspiring videos.

Small groups

Build family and go through life together

Get connected with people in your neighborhood and at your life point.

With God as the foundation, every family can write a story of hope and success. Meet other parents, make friends, and enjoy the journey together.

As singles and marrieds without kids, our professionals ministry navigates career growth while developing enriching social and spiritual lives together.

Our college students are young leaders who live lives of impact on universities and community colleges across the Bay Area.

Our teen and middle school ministries help students go beyond religious behavior to discover God and their purpose for themselves.

Every child has a place to belong. Children’s ministry provides a safe, nurturing space for kids to learn about God.

Our Spiritual Resource Ministry (SRM) creates inclusive Sunday classes so that special needs families can experience church in a way they may otherwise not be able to.

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