1. Renew and Revive – Even with the normal interruptions life brings, we can drift into routine. We get up, run hard until we hit the pillow only to wake up and repeat.  We don’t have to be unhappy in our daily routine to need renewal, a fresh perspective or a get- away. The hotel provides a great venue to get out of our daily routine to make the most of the Expo and to help with a fresh perspective that can renew and revive our faith.
  2. Focus – Once you check into the hotel, you know for the next 36 – 48 hours you are at the Expo “uninterrupted.”  Conversations, classes and meals combine to make a continuous flow of great spiritual and relational focus.  Those with the ability to focus have the greatest ability to absorb a great deal of faith-building and life-changing influence.
  3. Fellowship – When a group of people gather together with a common purpose and focus, they create fellowship.  Fellowship produces discovery.  We discover new ideas, new opportunities. common interests and new ways of looking at common challenges.  We discover new ways to fulfill our purpose and new insights about God, ourselves and others that enrich our lives and help us become more effective friends.  The hotel gives us the time and the place to get the most our of our fellowship.
  4. Rest, Relax and Unwind – Our day-to-day coming and goings can drain us, physically, spiritually and emotionally.  We weren’t built to put out emotional, spiritual and physical energy without time to recover.  Make a decision.  Break out of your day-to-day routine by getting yourself a hotel room.   This will provide opportunity for down time and will help avoid the stress of traveling back and forth.  Come stay and relax.  It’s worth it.
  5. Efficiency and Convenience – Visit the onsite restaurant or hang out poolside during lunch. Grab coffee in the lobby or order room service.  The amount of time and energy saved having all our needs met in one central location will provide the most efficient and convenient way to enjoy and get the most out of our Expo 2014, “Imagine.”
Stone Eleazer

Stone Eleazer

Stone Eleazer is the director of operations at the Bay Area Christian Church, and is an editor for BACC Inspire.

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