Doing Good Fund

Created to inspire people to use their time, resources and talents to do good.

Jesus went everywhere doing good for people.

Acts 10:38Easy to Read Version

Help us raise money to do good.

We created the Doing Good Fund as a way to make a difference in the lives of countless people in the Bay Area community. Contributions to the fund support our E-Sports programs, the Hope Technology School, benevolence, and homegrown community projects. Our desire is that the Doing Good Fund inspires and enables people to use their time, resources, and talents to do good.

The Doing Good Fund has replaced the weekly needs contribution we used to take at our midweek services. You can now contribute to the Doing Good Fund anytime you like, all year long.

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The goal

Our 2019 Doing Good Fund goal is $170,000.

Your giving will help fund the following four programs that make a difference in hundreds of lives.

$95,000 raised



Our volunteer-based inclusive and free sports programs serving thousands of typical children and children with special needs locally and globally.


Helping members in an unexpected short term life crisis by assisting with basic needs like shelter, food or medical assistance.

Hope Technology School

Partnering with the Bay Area’s premier private inclusion and technology school to make it possible for typical and special needs students to receive a top-rated education.

Community Projects

One-time grants to members who have developed and sustained grassroots “good” projects that benefit the community

How we get there.

There are three ways to contribute towards our goal between now and December 15th.


June Special Contribution

Our annual summer fundraiser to support our efforts church-wide. A portion of this collection is allocated to the Doing Good Fund.

Giving online

Our online Doing Good Fund contribution option is available on our site throughout the year. Donations of any amount can be made at any time.

Holiday Celebration Services

On December 15th, our 6 Bay Area locations will host unique Holiday Celebration Services. During this service we will be collecting donations for the Doing Good Fund.

There are three ways you can contribute towards our Doing Good Fund

One time contribution

$60 is the suggested giving amount based on average giving.

Spread out payments

Give in smaller amounts between now and December 15th.

Above and beyond

For those who have the means and want to give above and beyond the suggested amount.

Help us reach our Dec. 15th goal of $75k at our Holiday Celebration Services.

At each of our six Holiday Celebration Services, we will take up a final contribution to finish our Doing Good Fund goal. We hope to raise the remaining amount of $75,000. Every service will be holiday-themed, inspirational and with something for everyone. Find a service near you by visiting our locations page.

You can give in purchase, or donate online. Make a one time contribution, or make smaller contributions between now and December 15th. All donations will automatically generate a receipt for tax deduction purposes.

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