Run for the future.

Our 5th annual run-a-thon to support the BACC’s annual Special Contribution fundraiser will be a VIRTUAL race August 1st-29th. Sign up by Aug 24th and receive a t-shirt!

Sign up to race

Select from either a family friendly 5k run at a comfortable pace, or join serious runners for a more competitive 10k race.

Make a donation

If you’d like to support a friend who is racing, you can make a donation for an amount of your choosing.

Race information

  • This race will be held virtually, meaning participants, once registered, are expected to complete the 5K or 10K on their own time.
  • Due to COVID-19, we will not be holding a public race and runners encourage runners to mark their miles around their homes.
  • Registration will open on July 22nd, runners must complete (walk or run) 5K or 10K (3.1 miles or 6.2 miles) at their own time and choice within the August 1st and August 29th time range.
  • Runners are encouraged to run and/or walk on a running or walking trail and maintain social distance.
  • Groups of runners are not allowed and only people from the same household will be allowed for partner runs.
  • Please adhere to county and state health guidelines.
  • Participants are responsible for using general common sense when exercising outside such as, but not limited to: stopping and looking at crosswalks, avoiding traffic, wearing visible clothing, hydrating, etc.
  • Safe running/walking participants will be highlighted on our Instagram page
  • A virtual ceremony will be held on August 29th on an Instagram page (created for RFTF).
  • All runners under the age of 18 must have a complete a waiver from parents to participate.