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Spiritual Resource Ministry

Beyond disability, celebrating possibility.

Our Exceptional Children’s Ministry (E-Ministry) is a special needs-inclusive initiative serving our community through Spiritual Resource Ministry (SRM) and our E-Life and E-Sports programs.

“Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves; ensure justice for those being crushed. Yes, speak up for the poor and helpless, and see that they get justice.”

Proverbs 31:8-9, New Living Translation
Spiritual Resource Ministry

Exceptional love for exceptional children.

The Spiritual Resource Ministry (SRM) offers additional children’s ministry classes for families with special needs children. SRM aims to allow parents and children to experience church in a way they may not be able to elsewhere because of the special care their children need and deserve.

The ministry features trained workers, dedicated leaders, as well as neurotypically-developing buddies all focused on creating a socially enriching and nurturing environment for these children. Our E-Sports and E-Life programs also support this mission by providing an inclusive space for play at no cost to parents.

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What are Spiritual Resource classes like?2023-08-04T14:08:03-07:00

At Spiritual Resource Ministry (SRM), parents of children with special needs can attend Sunday service while their child attends a unique class designed specifically for them. During the SRM classes, students participate in interactive Bible lessons and rotate through fun activity stations. Each student is paired with a teacher, ensuring a 1:1 teacher-student ratio.

Additionally, there are neurotypically developing buddies present to provide a reverse mainstreaming experience. Both the students and buddies benefit from being in the class. The stations in the class address the developmental needs of each child that may not be found in traditional children’s ministry classes. There are stations for videos, motor skills, and games, and the lessons and crafts are tailored to suit the students’ learning styles. The focus is on creating a class that fits the students’ needs, not the other way around, so that children can learn about God in ways that work for them.

Are teachers in Spiritual Resource classes trained to work with special needs kids?2023-08-04T14:08:34-07:00

Many of our teachers have a background in regular and special education, or are parents of a child with special needs. The teacher-student ratio in the class is 1:1 to ensure that every child’s needs are met.

Who can attend an SRM class?2023-08-04T14:09:06-07:00

Individuals needing additional support outside of the children’s ministry classroom or requiring 1:1 attention can attend SRM classes.

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