Serving Opportunities

As a church, we love doing good. Using our unique experiences, resources, and gifts to serve others is part of God’s purpose for our lives.

April is Autism Awareness and Acceptance Month

We have a heart to serve the special needs community in the Bay Area. Learn more about our inclusive programs E-Life and E-Sports, or contact us if you’d like to serve at a program near you.

Making God known by doing good in people’s lives.

“Then Jesus went around doing good.” – Acts 10:38

Jesus was known for doing good, and we believe we should follow his inspiring example by doing good for people around us too. The Bay Area is a place of innovation, and our members regularly create new projects and initiatives to serve the community together.

Our focuses

How we’re serving the Bay Area

We provide a variety of serving opportunities in the Bay Area by continually supporting and building volunteer-driven community service programs.

E-Life builds inclusion into our community.

E-Sports and E-Life are free programs that specialize in inclusion, partnering kids with typical and special needs alongside each other in various capacities.

Our benevolence fund helps people in times of crisis.

We work to provide aid for those in our communities facing catastrophic life situations, assisting with basic needs like shelter, food, or medical assistance.

Hope Technology School makes learning inclusive.

The Hope Technology School is a community partner that provides inclusive education as a non-religious accredited institution.

Doing Good Projects inspire the Bay Area.

Inspired to do good? We provide one-time grants to support church members in their vision to give back.

Serving opportunities

More ways to serve

Join others in your local area to serve the community as needs arise.

Let us know if you’d like to get involved.

Interested in volunteering in our Doing Good projects? We’ll help you get connected!

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