Find the group

that’s right for you

Build strong relationships with people who are at a similar life point: families, young professionals, college students and more.


No matter what your story is, we believe that with God as the foundation, every family can write a story of hope and success. Meet other parents and get plugged in!


As singles and married couples without kids, we are making each other better through powerful friendships, helping each other find the balance between professional success in Silicon Valley and personal life success.

College Students

Our students come from many different walks of life, each with a unique personal story. Together we are a family dedicated to making an impact through community services.

The Y

Middle schoolers and high schoolers seeking to answer the "why" questions of life. We are passionate about friendships and doing good in our communities.

Children’s Ministry

Children’s ministry provides an opportunity for parents to connect with other parents who have similar-aged children.

Special Needs Support

Exceptional Children’s Ministry (E-Ministry) is a family of programs practicing inclusion for typical and special needs children, serving our community. Our E-Ministries include our E-Sports programs, and Spiritual Resource Ministry (SRM)

Each ministry is unique, and offers something different for you and your family.

How do I get connected to a ministry?

The best way to get connected to a ministry is by going to contact us and plan on visiting a service. We would love to introduce you to the people in the ministry you’re interested in your area.

Does each ministry offer regular meetups?

Our ministries all meet informally throughout the week at all our different church locations. In addition, we host regular events throughout the year for each of our ministries.

Does the ministry meet in my area?

Our church is split up into 6 locations around the Bay Area, and each has its own representation of our different ministries. Find the church service meeting nearest you to plan a visit and find out how to get connected.

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Interested in a particular ministry? We can help get you connected.