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How to get started at BACC

Welcome to the Bay Area Christian Church. We’re so glad you’re here.

Sunday services

Join us at any of our seven Bay Area locations

If you’re new to the area, new to church, or just looking for a new start, our Sunday services offer you the opportunity to build your faith in God and connect with new people. Visit us at any of our seven Bay Area locations, and let us know you’re coming if you’d like us to make introductions when you arrive.

Small groups

Build relationships with people at your life point

Looking for more connections throughout the week? Small groups allow you to meet locally with a small group of friends during the week to connect through spiritual conversations.

More ways to connect

Support to help you build your relationship with God

We believe in helping each other develop a strong relationship with God and strong relationships with one another.

Meet with a small group of friends in a similar life stage to discover what it means to build a personal relationship with God.

Give back to the community with others who are inspired and passionate about doing good.

Discover new and creative ways to connect with God using our digital resources, including devotionals, podcasts, and videos.

Let us know you’re coming

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Where are you located?2023-08-15T16:39:12-07:00

Our church has multiple sites and offers eight unique Sunday worship services throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Please visit our locations page to find the service that is closest to your location.

What time are services?2023-11-01T15:24:53-07:00

Our services are held at 11 am, except for our San Leandro location (10:30 am), and the second service at our Sunnyvale location (1 pm)

Is there something for my kids?2023-11-05T10:53:35-08:00

Absolutely! Each of our Sunday services offers Children’s Ministry classes, with ages ranging from six months to middle school (ages vary by location). Our classes seek to develop their natural curiosity into a love for God. Drop your kid off and enjoy the service knowing that we are giving them our full and undivided attention and meet other parents with similar-aged children. Our children’s ministry teachers are screened and adhere to age-appropriate teacher-to-student ratios so you can be confident they are in the best hands, learning in a safe and secure environment.

Visit our locations page for more information about what ages are available at each service.

What does a typical service look like?2023-08-15T17:09:41-07:00

A typical Sunday service lasts 60-90 minutes, and contains worship singing together, life sharing from speakers, and a Bible-based sermon. We’re an outgoing group and believe in creating a loving environment, so expect someone to say hi and introduce themselves.

What should I wear?2023-08-15T17:10:33-07:00

Dress is casual at our services—wear whatever makes you feel comfortable (as long as it’s not a Dodgers or Seahawks jersey).

Do you offer any support for those with special needs or disabilities?2023-11-05T10:54:50-08:00

Yes! Serving the special needs community has been a passion of ours for decades. Our Exceptional Children’s Ministry (E-Ministry) is a special needs-inclusive initiative serving our community through Spiritual Resource Ministry (SRM) and our E-Life and E-Sports programs.

SRM offers additional children’s ministry classes for families with special needs children. SRM aims to allow parents and children to experience church in a way they may not be able to elsewhere because of the special care their children need and deserve.

The ministry features trained workers, dedicated leaders, as well as neurotypically-developing buddies all focused on creating a socially enriching and nurturing environment for these children. Our E-Sports and E-Life programs also support this mission by providing an inclusive space for play at no cost to parents.

Visit our Spiritual Resource Ministry page for more information.

Do you offer activities outside of Sunday services?2023-11-05T10:56:03-08:00

Absolutely. Our church is a family, and we love spending time together throughout the week. Our small groups are ministries that connect us with others in a similar stage of life so that we can serve and grow together.

Visit our Small Groups page to learn more about our Families, Professionals, College, Teen, Kids, and Spiritual Resource ministries, and to get connected.

How can I get involved in serving the community?2023-08-15T17:29:56-07:00

We provide a variety of serving opportunities in the Bay Area by continually supporting and building volunteer-driven community service programs.

Check out our Serve page to learn more about our primary community service initiatives and local member-driven opportunities to do good in your local area.

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