Serving the Bay Area and beyond

Our Doing Good efforts support key community service programs and grassroots community projects.

From November 5th to 19th, we will be holding our annual fundraiser to empower our Doing Good efforts.

Any contribution you make helps us fund our key initiatives that meet the needs of many in the Bay Area and beyond. Read on for more information about our programs, or make a donation today.

“Jesus went everywhere doing good for people.”

Acts 10:38, Easy to Read Version
01. Introduction

Find your passion and do good in your community.

As a church, we love doing good. We spur each other on to use our God-given passions and talents to give back to our communities. Across the Bay Area and abroad, our members are encouraged to meet the needs around them just as Jesus did. We are committed to supporting and helping make the most of every opportunity to do good.

02. Overview

What does your giving to Doing Good support?

When you give to our Doing Good efforts, it goes directly to our church’s key areas of community service: E-Life and E-Sports, Hope Technology School, benevolence within our church family, and grassroots community projects.

E-Life and E-Sports comprise multiple Bay Area community service programs that specialize in inclusion. In each of these programs, kids with typical and special needs participate alongside each other in various capacities. These programs have made an impact on families from California to Kenya.

The Hope Technology School (HTS) is a non-religious community partner that gives students a renowned inclusive education. Through accredited classrooms, HTS provides opportunities for every student to thrive academically, physically, and socially in order to develop into globally responsible citizens.

Our benevolence fund aids members in unexpected, short-term life crises by assisting with basic needs like shelter, food, or medical assistance. We are committed to helping take care of families in need due to unexpected job loss, health crises, and other needs.

Through our Doing Good giving, our church funds relief and support for catastrophic events, grassroots projects that benefit the community, and needs abroad. In past years, we have provided relief locally and abroad in the form of gift cards, emergency supplies, meals, essential items, and monetary donations to meet immediate needs.

03. Volunteer

Member-driven community service projects

Get involved with others in your local area to serve the community through these member-driven programs.

04. Donate

Your donations allow us to continue doing good.

Thank you for your interest in donating to the Bay Area Christian Church general fund. We are grateful for your contribution as your generosity allows us to continue meeting the needs of our community.

05. Grants

Request a small grant to launch your own Doing Good Project.

Another way we serve our community is offering one-time grants to established local community service projects who want to expand their impact. If you would like to request a grant for your Doing Good project, please fill out the form below and someone will contact you. Grants are available from $25 – $1,000.