One of XCED’s core beliefs is the importance of inclusion. One in eighty-eight children is on the autistic spectrum. One in eight has an anxiety disorder. Statistics show that autism is now more common than cancer. Many children with special needs have a brother or sister who may not know how to handle all the emotions and questions that come from growing up with a sibling with special needs.

In 2012 several members of XCED published a children’s book entitled, “Better Together”, which addresses the complex emotions surrounding growing up with a sibling who has special needs. These teens know firsthand what it feels like to experience the joys and challenges of having a brother or sister with special needs.

“Better Together” is a book intended to start conversations between parents and children about maintaining relationships through every hard situation, circumstance and emotion. Despite their differences, these siblings are actually “better together.”

“Better Together” is available today on the Apple bookstore for iOS devices (iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad) for $2.99. Grab your copy today!

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