Songwriting Challenge

Submit your original song for a chance to win prizes

Let the creativity flow.

Music is a powerful way to connect with God. It helps us express our gratitude and awe, and it calms our hearts in the midst of tumult and worry. As we kick off 2021, we’re looking for music to help us build a new catalog of songs for us to sing.

If you’re a songwriter and are looking for ways to put your talent to work, we would love for you to contribute a song. Simply complete the form on this page for a chance to win prizes if your song is selected.

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Write your song

We're looking for original songs that can be sung together during one of our services.

Post your song online

Submit your song to any platform that gives you a shareable link (YouTube, Soundcloud, etc). You can unlist the song if you'd like.

Submit by May 2nd

We've extended the date to submit your song! Prizes will be awarded for songs accross different categories.