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Jesus and the Power of Storytelling

A series about the parables of Jesus, and how they make God personal.

Jesus told stories that changed the world and changed people’s lives.

Jesus’ parables are simple yet profound stories that teach us how to connect with God. In just a few short sentences, these stories make God real and personal.

What follows is a combined library of devotionals, videos, and podcast episodes from both Deep Spirituality and the Bay Area Christian Church that will help you dig deeper into a few of these powerful parables.

The Parable Series

Step into the stories of Jesus and connect with God in new ways


Bible studies on each parable, with unique insights about how these stories teach us to make God personal and real.


A simplified version of the devotional to read over with a friend or in a small Bible study group.


The parables explained in a visual, engaging format along with stories and examples we can apply to our daily lives.

Let's Talk

Videos designed to facilitate conversation with a small group of friends about a specific parable.


Real conversations digging deeper into the personally transformative power of Jesus' parables.

Mini Quiet Times

Sit back, relax, and listen to a mini quiet time about each parable, complete with narrative storytelling to make the experience even more real.

The parables

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