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Purpose is something God is always calling us toward, and is at the core of everything we do. Our 2018 Expo, titled “Purpose,” was a great chance to get to learn God’s purpose for our own lives, along with finding our purpose together. Here are our top 5 favorite purposeful moments from the 2018 Expo!

5. Family fun

Expo is a great time to connect with friends and family all over the Bay. Whether you enjoyed a great performance by our Pied Pipers, made new friends playing E-Sports, or even blew off steam on the bounce castles, there was something for everyone to connect and have a great Expo experience.

4. “I Got Your Back” Project

We had another successful year partnering with A Better Way for the “I Got Your Back” Project! Along with personal cards written by our middle schoolers, we gave over 600 backpacks and over $200 in cash to foster kids for the start of their school year. Contra Costa North and South did a great job donating over 380 backpacks, with the rest coming from others in the community.

3. Coming Home (Podcast, Media, etc.+ Inspiring Lessons)

Not only did we get to hear inspiring lessons and vulnerable sharing in the Friday and Saturday classes, we learned at the Saturday night lesson how to regain our “soul awareness” by coming home to God and making him the source of security in our lives. In case you missed it, we kicked off our Deep Spirituality podcast and YouTube channel. Our Coming Home Series Part 1 is now available on iTunes, Stitchers, or wherever you listen to your podcasts. Be sure to check it out!

2. Baptisms

We were inspired to see seven people turn to God and get baptized, 5 of which were teenagers! Purpose speaks its loudest in changed lives, and we got to see that firsthand, thanks to the many friends and family helping along the way.

1. BACC Campus

Along with the Coming Home podcasts, we announced the redoubling of our efforts to pursue the BACC Campus!

Here in the Bay Area, we live in a place where growth is constant. Over the next 20 years, the Bay is expected to add over 800,000 new households and 1.3 million new jobs. With over 30% growth expected in Santa Clara County alone, It has become clear that the San Jose and Santa Clara area is at the forefront of the Bay Area’s development. Major tech companies are noticing this shift! Google, Apple, and Amazon are some of the many companies adding over 6 million square feet of office space from Mountain View to the downtown San Jose area.

Why does this matter to us? God is constantly guiding us toward a purpose that will impact and inspire the world, and is always providing opportunities to make this purpose a reality. This is why we are passionate and excited to focus our efforts toward finding a location to build the BACC Campus in the South Bay in order to establish an influential presence in the future!

Our 2018 Expo was a great time to connect with others, get inspired, and learn God’s purpose for our lives. And we’re just getting started! Be on the lookout for more content about where God’s leading us next!

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