When 2012 approached, did you make a new year’s resolution promising yourself and others that you were going to be more physically active this year? If so, volunteering as a coach on Saturday morning at E-Soccer is the place for you. Before I explain why, let’s talk about physical activity for a moment.

Many younger and older adults (post high school) decrease their level of physical activity not with intention, but because they simply lose motivation. Work takes the place of football practice after school with the team. Intramural basketball with your college buddies is now a memory. And grinding out 100 sit-ups while watching Rocky after putting the kids to sleep may not be very realistic, especially after a long day at work.

According to many studies done, including a recent study from ScienceDaily, individuals are more likely to participate in physical activity if they are with friends. It’s also been found that kids are more likely to join in physical activity when they see their parents being active! In a society where obesity is on the rise, it is key that we make every effort to involve ourselves and others in daily movement.

As a volunteer at E-Soccer, not only will you benefit from the exercise and physical activity of running with the kids and kicking the ball around, but you can also participate in the ‘coaches’ scrimmage’ that takes place an hour before the kids arrive. In fact, some volunteers have come for the first time, and developed soccer skills and friends they never had before from getting their cleats out on the grass in the scrimmage. Now it’s your turn to get out there and ‘move it’! Check out e-soccer.org to find the nearest program and start volunteering!

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