Reimagine music.

Certain things are best expressed through song. Join us as we chronicle the stories of original music made to help us connect with God.

Songs about walking with God in the 21st century.

In May we wrapped up our first-ever songwriting challenge. From that, we received dozens of incredible submissions, all songs written by people who wanted to put music to how they saw and felt about God in their everyday lives. These are the stories of those songs.


“Move” is about how God can do anything, including moving our own hearts when we feel unmotivated. Singing this song is a great way to remind ourselves that God is real, and actively involved in our everyday lives.

“If I Have You Lord”

This song was written at the beginning of the pandemic. It reminds us that when our circumstances are dire, God is a refuge for us. If we have God on our side, we can make it through anything.

“Come to Me”

This song puts Jesus’ words from Matthew 11:18 to music. The lessons learned from this passage are imparted to us when we sing this song: when we feel weary and burdened, God longs to meet our needs and give us the rest we crave.