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Podcasts, videos, playlists and more

Deep Spirituality: develop a dynamic and transformative walk with God


Topical Bible studies and can be completed in anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes.

Deep Spirituality Podcast

Candid discussions on spiritual topics and compelling scriptures from the Bible.

YouTube channel

Short, fun and engaging videos with real life stories and scripture visualizations.

Spotify playlists

Use these songs to help you work through your emotions and connect to God on a deeper level.

The blog: articles to help you apply the Bible to everyday life

Bible studies

Devotionals to deepen your understanding and belief in the Word of God.


Spiritual perspectives and practices for everyday life.

Scripture Playlists

Applicable scriptures for all the different things we go through in life.

News & updates

Stay up to date on BACC events, announcements and more.

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