Experience both God and good with these digital tools.

We’re excited to bring you exciting new ways to deepen your personal relationship with God, and inspire friends in your community with articles and stories about inclusion.

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How do I use these resources?

In today's modern world, there have never been more ways for people to learn more about God and good. It's our hope that you'll be able to use these digital tools in a number of exciting ways.

Strengthen your walk with God

Quiet times and personal Bible studies to help you deepen your faith and strengthen your relationship with God.

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Create spiritual discussions

Have spiritual conversations with a friend or in a group setting. Discuss topics that relate to areas you are working on changing together.

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Inspire friends in community

Inspire your friends by sharing stories of people doing good. Learn more about inclusion and how it is changing the world.

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Devotionals and articles

Browse our large archives of devotionals, or read more about inclusion.

Podcast, videos, and Bible studies

Deep Spirituality

Deep Spirituality is a site dedicated to helping you take your walk with God to new levels. Read Bible studies for yourself or with friends, watch interactive videos or listen to the podcast to hear engaging disussions about God and life.

Daily life articles

BACC Inspire

Articles, Bible studies and Scripture Playlists about applying the Bible to our everyday lives. Stay up to date on BACC events and doing good opportunities.

Podcast and articles

Lead Different

Are we in a leadership crisis or have we stopped mentoring leaders? Russ Ewell sits down with friends to discuss what it means to be a leader who inspires others to do good.

Podcast and articles about inclusion

E-Sports and “This is Me”

Exceptional Sports (E-Sports) is a fully inclusive program dedicated to empowering kids of all abilities to reach their full athletic and social potential. Check out the Inclusion Toolkit or listen to the new podcast entitled This is Me.

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